Security Camera Installation

Security Camera & DVR Installation Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, TN Have you or someone you know been burglarized? Do you travel on a regular basis? Do you ever wonder what’s going on at home when you are not there? Would you like peace of mind? Security cameras are the new way to keep track of your belongings (and sanity) without a monthly expense. It’s true, they have been around for awhile… but they have just recently become more budget-friendly and self-monitoring. Most of the new security camera systems come with a DVR that is directly connected to the internet with its own IP Address. This means that you can access your camera system from anywhere in the world with a computer, smartphone, or tablet to see what is going on at your house while you are away. Electronic Insiders LLC has installed TVs and audio systems for over a decade now, and we are excited to integrate security cameras into your A/V experience. Now, when your doorbell rings, you can just flip the TV over to the security camera channel and see exactly who is there. Or, if you hear a noise outside, instead of getting up and looking out the window, you can see what is going on with night vision surveillance. Because the needs of every user are different, we encourage a Free in-home consultation before the purchase of any equipment or installation. Call to schedule yours today! (615) 926-0295